In December, I’ll be leaving for Korea to teach English at an as-of-yet-undisclosed branch of the Chungdahm Learning private school. While I still don’t know the exact date of my departure, or exactly where I’ll be stationed, or even the types of student I’ll teach, I do know that a basic knowledge of Korean will come in handy. Originally I intended to start a blog about my adventures once I begun teaching, but with three and a half months to go I figured I might as well record my journey down the road of language acquisition to get in the spirits of my trip.

I already know German (thanks to an expensive education at the University of Maryland – Go Terps!). To learn Korea, I’ll be using the Rosetta Stone Korean program (personal edition with Levels 1,2,3 included, in case you’re wondering). I hadn’t used Rosetta Stone before, but I’d heard good things about it.

Before starting this blog, I’ve gone through and somewhat mastered the first two lessons of the first unit of the first level (one thing I already like is that Rosetta Stone has a lot of lessons). So far I like the program but a brief glimpse at the next lesson up seemed to indicate I might have an uphill battle ahead of me. I now get to start learning colors, which in Korea are very looooooong words.