Okay, so this requires a teenie, weenie bit of back story so indulge me for a moment. When I was first hired as an English teacher, they gave me a list of websites on Korean language and culture to check out and one of them was a really cool map of Korean festivals. And I then proceeded to loose that website.

Then the day I started this blog, I found another blog for Korea Sparkling, Korea’s tourism campaign. On the blog they had a way to post a little Korea Sparkling box on your blog that could be programed to show the news, weather or something else from South Korea. I lost that website too. Literally. It’s gone from my little version of the web.

So today I was trying to find the Korea Sparkling blog. Instead I found the Korea Sparkling website. Imagine my surprise when, after surfing around on that page, I found the ORIGINAL FESTIVAL PAGE! WOO-HOO! So I put in on the Korean Sites page. I very much suggest checking it out.