One of the side effects I always experience when learning a new language (and I hope I’m not the only one…) is that when I try to speak the language or even just focus on learning the new vocabulary I get really, really tired. I’m the kind of person who can (despite being vertically challenge) do physically demanding things and end up with sore muscles and no sleepiness but then do something that’s mentally challenging and just feel exhausted and in great need of a nap. Because of this, I’ve been seriously procrastinating with learning Korean. The upside to Rosetta Stone is you can study it whenever you want. The downside is it doesn’t force you into a schedule like a class would. I promised myself I’d study for an hour a day (eventually increasing the time once it stopped exhausting my poor little brain). Sadly… I think I’ve kept that promise far less often than I’ve broken it.

BUT THEN! I was wondering around WordPress and I found another blog that’s pretty much doing the same thing I’m doing (Yeah, I figured I wasn’t even close to original with my little blog). Chocokorea’s Bold Korean Learning Adventure: Language Learning Journal. Okay, so this blog kicks my blogs butt (Have mercy I’m only a few weeks old!). Of course, I’m doing this mostly  for me, so it’s fine if my blog’s not the next inspiration for a Perez Hilton empire or a Julie & Julia-esque movie. But I do like a lot of the features Chocokorea has and will definitely be checking out the resources provided. And I will be forcing myself to, at the very least (if I can’t rally my strength for Rosetta Stone), practice writing hangul everyday.

On that note,  looking at other Korea blogs, I think I will have to start including hangul in my entries. I feel it’s a must. Plus it looks cool.