It’s Hangul Day in South Korea! And in celebration, I’ve been practicing my hangul writing abilities. Which I haven’t really been practicing. Reading, yes. Typing via Rosetta Stone, yes. Writing with pen and paper, no. I have to say, I kinda suck at it. Hopefully I’ll get better with practice because even if I won’t need to write in Korean when I’m there (which I might – I don’t know), I still want to be able to do it.

Also, I’ve pretty much decided that my favorite letter (자모) isㅎ, which is ‘h’ in Korean. It was the first Korean letter I fully mastered and I just think it looks happy, like a little person wearing a hat that’s just happy to see you’re reading it.

In other news, I’ve started lesson 4  (the last lesson of Unit 1, woo-hoo!) of Rosetta Stone, which focuses on learning numbers. Wow. I knew I was going to have trouble learning numbers because in Korean there are two set of numbers, one native Korean and one that’s taken from Chinese, which they use in different situations. Each lesson is a little tricky at first but after running through it once or twice (twice for the colors) I usually have it mostly down and then I just have to wait a day or two for it to full sink in. I’m definitely going to have to go over the numbers many times before I fully master it because it’s not clicking for me.