So I’d like to talk up Sogang University’s Korean Language program, since I’ve talked a lot about Rosetta Stone but also want to present other methods of learning Korean. I really like this website they have set up. It’s not really enough to use as a primary source for learning Korean but it’s been really, REALLY helpful for practicing reading hangul and for polishing up my Korean grammar. Of course, I’m only the first lesson on the Sogang program.

In addition to an Introductory Korean page, which basically introduces you to hangul, they’ve broken down their lessons into Novice Korea (levels 1,2,3) and Intermediate Korea (levels 1,2,3), and each level has 10 lessons. And each lesson has key expressions, reading, listening and vocabulary activities and grammar lessons. Personally I was drawn to the grammar lessons. Like I said before, I’ve studied German and German is a grammar heavy language so I think for me, being able to understand the finer points of Korean that I can’t learn (or haven’t yet learned) through Rosetta Stone is kind of like a safety net for me.

I’ve been going through the lessons (okay, really only lesson 1 so far…) and copying down the grammar lessons into a notebook so I can keep studying Korean even without my laptop. (Right now, that’s been a problem since all my methods of studying are computer based). On that note, I would HIGHLY recommend getting a graph paper notebook for writing hangul. The blocks make it a lot easier to get the 자모 (jamo – that is, letters) together and properly sized. I picked up this trick when I (briefly) studied Japanese. (Chotto nihongo ga hanaseru!)

Plus, the website is completely free. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me so definitely check it out.