In August when my departure was delayed, I was told the earliest time I could leave was probably December. Today I received the final contract from Chung Dahm Learning and they want me to start training in Seoul on November 23rd. Which means I need to arrive by November 20th. Which probably means that I’ll be leaving the country on November 19th. So sooooooon!

But I now know that I’ll be teaching in Gumi (구미시), South Korea, which is a “mid-sized city” in the Gyeoungsang (경상도) province (or Yeongnam (영남) region – I can’t figure which one is more correct) in the east. The region is where the first unified Korean country, Silla (신라), was formed. Very cool.

This new departure/arrival time is a little bit daunting because I haven’t even packed/ don’t know if I even have everything I need yet/ have to now quit my job, like, three days ago to give proper two-weeks notice/ still know basically no Korean. I better start getting ready.