So last night I did three things: I signed, scanned and emailed in my official contract; I gave my ten day notice for quiting my job and I put in the application with my recruiter’s travel agent to get me on a flight to Seoul on the 19th. And then this morning I got a call from my recruiter saying the November 20th arrival date is too early and they won’t have my Visa information ready in time. Which sucks because now I have to try and figure out what to do about my flight (and I am really glad I did go through their travel agent now instead of buying a ticket on my own). And I also have to go back to work today and tell them that I will *in fact* be able to work through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Now I know that this processes has been really smooth for some people and not-quite-as-smooth for others, but this is just getting a little silly in my case. I was originally scheduled to leave in July and I had to call them up and tell them that was way too early. So they pushed me back to August, which I thought was still too early, but whatever, I could deal. Then, like a lot of people scheduled to leave in August, there was a mini-crisis on their end that pushed us back ’til later in the year. And now that I’m all set to drop everything and leave in November, what do you know, I’m really leaving in December. Hopefully they won’t push me back any further because 1. I don’t want to be working in retail during the Christmas season (because the shoppers are already getting crazy) and 2. If I start in January or later that will really screw up my plans for when I get back from Korea (aka grad school).

The school is supposed to email me today  with my new contract and I’m also suppose to get a call from a representative to iron out the details (of course, it’s suppose to be the details of the old contract). Hopefully from here on out things will go smoothly…

On a random and slightly less important note, now I shouldn’t have a problem with NaNoWriMo, because I realized that I’ll be over in Seoul, possibly without internet during the last week of November. Not anymore!