Well, I FINALLY got my Visa code today. Yesterday I was told the Korean Immigration Office had received my documents two weeks ago… I don’t know if it normally takes that long to issue a Visa code (from my experiences with bureaucracy, I’d say it probably does), but their timing couldn’t be worse. If I had gotten the code on Monday, there would be no problem – but then I have to encounter a problem at this stage because I have at every other point in this process!

So here’s the deal. After checking my email and seeing my code today – completely (and naively) overjoyed because now I’m in the last stage of my journey to Korea – I called up the Korean Embassy in DC. And I received horrible news. The school had pushed back my arrival date to next Friday (12/11) because it was taking so long to get my Visa code (but luckily they didn’t need to send me a new contract). As it turns out, the Korean Embassy in DC only has Visa interviews on Tuesdays at 2:30 and if I go next week, the earliest I could get my Visa would be Thursday after 4pm. Which is too late for me to get on a plane in time to be in Korea on the 11th… *sigh*

Basically right now I’m waiting to hear back from Chung Dahm to see if I can arrive on Saturday instead of Friday. I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to, since training doesn’t start until Monday anyway and I’m sure they’d rather have me getting there as soon as possible, but maybe they do stuff with us over the week and a Saturday arrival on my part would throw that off.

But if they let me arrive on Saturday, I’m supposed to be training with 6 other people that following Monday. I doubt that any of them will be going Hwaseong like me. I can’t say I’m nervous about the training, but I am very aware it’s going to be a tough week. I was reading about what’s expected of us and we start off with a test, and have homework everyday, and people are like ‘Don’t go out during training! Stay in and study!’ But I would expect nothing less if they want us to actually be well-trained and able to teach.