Today, I went to this nice international restaurant that closes at 3pm, so I don’t often get there in time. As it turn out, for lunch today they were serving Korean ribs over rice. And once they told me they were out of lasagna, I figured I might as well try it. I really wanted to eat more Korean food before going over to get used to it but that hasn’t really happen. Actually, I think the Korean ribs were the first Korean food I’ve ever had. Well, “Korean” food. And I have to say… I did not care for the ribs. At all. It was really disappointing… I should have expected this because I really don’t like soy sauce, which I’m pretty sure it was marinated it.

But they were American-style. Hopefully I like more authentic Korean barbecue because I’ve heard it’s very popular. I remember reading about a city near Hwaseong that was supposed to have the most delicious Korean barbecue but for the life of me I cannot remember its name…

Editing note after the fact: The city is Suwon, where I’m teaching! As of this edit, I have not eaten any Korean ribs, but I’ve heard they’re supposed to be sweet.