Well I just finished packing – or at least 99% of my packing. My laptop isn’t packed but it will be later tonight.

So I bought Spacebags for the trip. A friend who’s now in a Master’s degree program in England said she used them when she packed so I figured I’d try it out. The package I got had a giant one, a large, a medium and a travel size one. The giant one is waaay to big for a suitcase but all the others fit and are now stuffed with my clothes, and a pillow. I would strongly suggest getting at least one large Spacebag if you want to travel with a pillow. It only added less than an inch of thickness to what was all ready in the Spacebag. In the medium size one, I stuffed a bunch of my bulkier winter clothes and it’s still pretty bulky but not quite as much as it was. The travel sized bag is a little funny since you have to roll it up to get the air out, instead of vacuuming it out like the other bags. I was skeptical about that because I ended up with all the stuff shoved down in the bottom of the bag and it really didn’t look like it saved any space. So I tried to repack the suitcase without the travel Spacebag and it turns out it did save space. A LOT of space. It was pretty impressive. My suitcases are close to their weight limit, but if they weren’t I would probably go and get at least one more large one.

And now the only thing left to do it pack up my laptop, get my passport back with Visa stamp and get on the plane with my handy-dandy traveling care package Miss Alice made for me. Next stop, Seoul!

Alice's lovely hand-crafted airplane companion!