I just finished watching Fantastic Festivals of the World‘s show on South Korea’s Mask Dance Festival, which is in the Hahoe Folk Village in Andong. The festival is a celebration of culture in Andong, especially their famous Hahoe masks. The narrator ended the report on an interesting note, saying that legend says you must see a mask dance at least once in your life before you die or you cannot get into heaven. And I immediately thought of the 1,000 Places to Go Before You Die book (from yesterday’s post), which did NOT include this festival anywhere.  Hmmm, it seems to me if you have to see this to get into heaven, it ought to be one of the places you go to before you die, eh?

2010’s Mask Dance Festival is 9/24-10/3. I think I might try to use my vacation time to go see this because the festival and the Folk Village look really neat.