Tomorrow’s the big day everyone’s been waiting for: our final exam day! We have to do a written test to show we understand the class structures and then we will have to mock teach one of the parts of each class (listening and reading). We were not told which part we’d be doing so it’ll be a wonderful surprise… For the most part, I can teach any part of the lesson well since we’ve been preparing them all week. I just have to brush up on a couple things and rearrange some notes. And get a good nights sleep. We’ve basically been working out butts off the last two days so I’m a little bit worn out. Not as much as I might have been some nights while in college, but I’m out of practice from staying up and studying for hours. In fact, even when I was a college student I don’t think I studied for as many hours straight as I have to prepare for teaching.

In other news, my location has been changed. I just got an email saying that the school wants me to teach at Suwon Yeongtong instead of Hwaseong Dongtan. They’re run by the same people so it shouldn’t cause a problem for my Visa and it’s not like I’ve moved into Hwaseong yet, so I’m fine with the move. I looked up Suwon’s official website just to get an idea of what to expect, because other than the Hwaseong Fortress I don’t know of anything else there. Apparently, Suwon is very proud of their clean municipal toilets. They even have a bus tour that takes you to them, and their toilette culture is mentioned twice on the official website… Obviously, there’s a lot more to Suwon than just that but that’s the quirky factoid I’ve found so far.

There’s actually another guy training here to work in Suwon (for April English – a different program than what I’m doing) so tomorrow after we pass the tests (and we will pass!), we’ll be bused out to our campus and be introduced to it. And hopefully we’ll get to start looking for housing immediately. Everyone’s still nervous about that. Other than the people staying in Seoul, we have no idea how housing is going to work out.