I’m writing this post from my apartment in Suwon and very much enjoying the feel of the ondol as it warms up. I don’t know how frequently I’ll be posting until I officially get an internet connection, since the wireless connection I’m using is pretty unstable.

I’ve been in Suwon since Friday. My first opinion of the city: it’s cold. Really cold. But more seriously, I like it. The area I’m living/working in is Yeongtong, which is the newest section. The two guys who came here with me from training and I have just been wandering the city, enjoying the many, many places to eat (we’ve pretty much decided Koreans love eating out, and that’s just fine with us) and taking in all the bright lights. It’s not as big or fast as Seoul, at least not the area we’re in, but I like it that way. I don’t think I’d want to live and work in Seoul, it’s just too much. But Suwon is close enough that I can visit on the weekend.

Okay, so my apartment. The one major downside: my washer is broken. The upsides:

  1. I was moved in immediately (although I don’t know who’s paying for it…)
  2. It’s well-furnished (I have two fridges!)
  3. I have hot water! (the guys do not…)
  4. It’s about 5-10 minutes from Chung Dahm and from Homes Plus
  5. My walls/floors are not bubbly
  6. And the only thing that was stinky was the comforter I was given and I just Febreezed that.

The last two things on that list are related to this: One of the guys was moved into the most unfortunate apartment. It. Smelled. Foul. I can’t remember exactly how the smell ended up being described but it was something like a mix of dirt, fecal material, possibly BO and something else. Anyway, it was not a pleasant smell. So we popped over to Home Plus as soon as we could and he bought a ton of cleaning supplies and incense. It smells a lot better now but apparently a large chunk of the smell is coming from his kitchen sink, so it looks like he has to get some Drain-O or something. And as if the smell wasn’t enough, his walls and the laminate of his floor have huge bubbles in them. I don’t know who lived in that apartment before him, but I’m really glad the only thing I have to deal with is a broken washer.

I’m actually really pleased with my apartment. It’s just the right size and the location is really great for me. I have to get some decorations in here though because my walls are basically white. But decorating will not be on my list of things to do until after I get paid.

Tomorrow I get to observe one of the classes I’ll be teaching. And then I get to teach that class twice on Tuesday. So soon!