Well it’s been 2010 here in Suwon, South Korea for several hours now. And 2010 looks like it’s going to start off as fridgely cold as 2009 ended.

I’ve been teaching since Decenmber 22nd, although my first week I was subbing for another teacher on vacation (who, it turns out, is also the head instructor for my listenting classes). I have one class today, which will hopefully go over smoothly. Yesterday I was teaching the same level class, twice. They were not quite was I would call smooth. They went okay, but the students were incredibly energetic (which seems to be especially weird for the middle school class). And my heater broke. Which was horrible because my classroom is basically windows. Drafty, drafty windows.

On a happier note, Mr. Park, the technical officer for our Chung Dahm branch, fixed my washing machine so it no longer leaks. He’s also been trying to fix the hot water problems (and now heating problems) in the guys’ apartments, but that’s shaping up to be a problem not easily fixed. Even by Mr. Park.

I haven’t done anything terribly exciting since my last post, mostly just settling in (and taking a trip to the Suwon tourist office for a map). Hopefully I will have something more interesting to report after this weekend – although honestly, it’s so cold I don’t know that I’ll be able to motivate myself to do anything. In the Suwon tourish brocure it says Mt. Gwanggyo blocks the cold winds from the north from hitting Suwon. Seriously, this is what it feels like to have the cold blocked?!

PS. One nice thing about the cold, it snowed the day after Christmas (although I understand back in the US my area got hit with a massive blizzard) and it looks like it’ll snow tonight. And tonight since I’m not working I can actually enjoy it (aka make snowmen in the park by my house!)