I mentioned HomePlus in a previous post but didn’t describe it. Basically it’s a five story grocery store/department store. And it’s pretty nice/cheap/close to my home/work. And I really need to get a point card for it since I’ve been shopping there a bunch. They sell almost everything – including hedgehogs which I was very briefly thinking about possibly buying… Until I saw it cost $150… yeah… not paying that.

So New Years day I went there to pick up a few basic office supplies and it was shaping up to be a pretty harmless trip. I went with one of the guys who came here with me – Quinn (the other newbie is Alex by the way. I figure I should probably post their first names, at least, at some point). Quinn and I made our usual stop by the hedgehog/exotic fish/stag bettle/rabbit/lizard section of the store after I picked up the supplies I needed.

And we walked out with two rabbits. That’s right, rabbits. I am now a rabbit owner. It was a pretty cheap endevour (at least for now and it doesn’t look like it’ll be too expensive to maintain them). Splitting the cage and accessories cost with Quinn, I ended up paying 32,000 won (or about $27).

My rabbit (who I think is a girl) looks like a britannia petite, which grow to about 2 and 1/2 lbs.  – a perfect size for my apartment. She has an awesome two-tone face, half black and half brown, which was why I liked her. And she’s SUPER energetic. She spent the first hour or so in my apartment running around. Unfortunately, this makes her “not a lap rabbit” I’ve found out, but that’s okay too. Because she was so inquisitive, and because I just saw Sherlock Holmes, I named her Sherlock.

Quinn’s is a dwarf hotot ( pronounced hoe-tot or oh-toe) and is pretty cute. He couldn’t decide on a name for her so right now she’s Snowball Irene Gerund Watson. She’s significanty more shy/reserved than Sherlock.

Unfortunately I can’t post pictures of them at the moment but in the future, pictures will definitely be posted.

PS On Monday we’re supposed to get our Alien Registration Cards. And I will be trying to set up internet as soon as possible after that. And get a cell phone. You never truly appreciate the convience of a cell phone until you go for three weekends in a foreign country without one.