On Monday I left my apartment around 9:30am to run to the grocery store – and found nearly a foot of snow on the ground with snow still coming down. It ended up snowing until 3:15pm. They cancelled classes at ChungDahm (or at least CDI, the April teachers, like Quinn and Alex, still had to teach). I ended up going to school anyway because I needed to get prep materials for my classes later in the week… only to find my room locked. Oh well. At least I could ask Mr. Park about my Alien Registration Card.

Unfortunately it looks like Alex, Quinn and I have to wait until Friday for our cards. Which is really frustrating because we kind of need internet and cell phones. Quinn ended up walking all the way to work at 9am because they couldn’t reach him by phone to tell him his morning class was cancelled. Plus, I need internet access to do certain aspects of my job and since I can’t do it from home, I have to stay around after class and do it. Which wouldn’t be a problem except that the building closes after my 10pm classes… I hope we can get internet and cell phones soon after Friday.

But the adventure to the school wasn’t a complete loss. There’s a mountain-hill (too small to be a mountain, too big to be a hill) right behind the area the school’s in. You can see a red pagoda-esque building on the top of it and for the longest time I was wondering what it was. So I my snow day, I hiked the mountain-hill to find out.

Turns out its an exercise pavillion and there’s a water fountain (with really tasty water) about a hundred feet away. There were actually quite a few people hiking the mountain and using the equipment even in the snow. I didn’t have my camera with me on this hike, which is a darn shame because the view of the city blanketed in snow and the pavillion with a giant snow hat was really pretty. I hope it snows hard again so I can go back up and take a picture.