I had such glorious plans for last weekend! I was supposed to finally get internet in my apartment! I was suppose to go to Yongsan, Seoul’s electronic’s district! I was supposed to get a cell phone. I even accounted for the fact that I had to make up one of my classes from Monday! It was going to be fantastic!

Sadly only one of those plans panned out – I made up my 4pm Monday class on Saturday at 4pm. I didn’t mind coming in to teach on the weekend because I like the students in that class. They’re a lot of fun.

However, I did mind waiting around Saturday morning for someone to come and set up internet in my apartment, as I  was told would happen on Friday, only to find out on Sunday that this weekend was *in fact* a holiday, which meant that not only would no one be coming to set up internet until Monday but Alex, Quinn and I could also not buy cell phones over the weekend.

The plans to visit Yongsan also had to be scraped, unfortunately. It was a little disappointing but it was probably for the best because we wouldn’t have been able to by cell phones as we had planned and it wouldn’t have been fun to go by myself, what with Quinn being sick. And I did get something out of it – free books and a dresser. Someone had tossed them into the street so when I was coming back from lunch on Sunday, I claimed them. Which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I were in Yongsan. The books are in Korea so I can’t read them but they fill up my otherwise empty bookshelf. And a (free, in working-condition) dresser (that happens to match my apartment) is actually just what I needed, so yay!

So last weekend: not so adventerous. But it looks like today I might ACTUALLY FOR SURE be getting internet. They’re setting it up today while I’m at work, which is a little unsettling, but whatever. It’s something I need. The class I’m teaching today I really needed internet access to prepare for (I’m playing a Youtube clip!). Luckily I was able to get all my internet stuff done before class but it would have been nice to do the stuff at home.