Yay! A productive Saturday! First, I FINALLY got a cell phone, an adventure that took just a little too long. I kept waiting for various Korean people to help me get it, but after those plans fell through one after another, Quinn (one of the new April teachers) and I decided to just go get one by ourselves. We went last weekend. Unfortunately, last weekend was apparently a holiday (which one, I do not know) and they were apparently unable to sell us cell phones during this holiday… Oookay.

So we went on Friday after we got out of work at 7pm. Only to find that we couldn’t get a charge phone after 7pm on weekdays. And we wanted a charge phone.

Soooo we showed up at T-world to get a super cheap, used charge phone and the bright and early hour of 10am, when they said we could get the phone on Saturday. And I left with a brand, new (old and slightly outdated) cell phone! It cost me ₩20,000 (less than $20) and then I was required to put on ₩30,000 worth of charge on it. Which gives me about 4838 minutes for 3 months (unless I’m calculating that wrong, but I think my math is good).  Which is waaaay more than I’ll need. So yay!

Here's the cell phone I got. Clunky, but small and it gets the job done. For a size comparison, that plastic in the corner is a case for an SD card.

Then we went over to Yongsan, Seoul’s electronic’s district, to check out some electronic stuff. And they weren’t kidding when they said this was the electronic’s district. Oh my god. So many cameras. So many i-pods. Well now I know where to go if my i-pod finally dies (2 years and going strong – knock on wood). The initial prices they tell you can be pretty high, but with the right haggling skills you can get them to drop the price by a lot and they’ll throw in accessories and stuff. The only thing is, most places will only offer the discount if you pay cash. BUT we only explored a small area of Yongsan and there were several other buildings we didn’t go to where I’m sure they were selling other electronics, or had better deals, or had some really crazy electronics we didn’t find where we were.

Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming and it would have been nice to go with either someone who had shopped there before or someone who spoke Korean (or both!).