I think I’ll procrastinate on prepping my Tuesday classes by posting about today’s adventures (complete with pictures!). Alex, Quinn and I were visited by some of our fellow newbie teachers from training. They live in Seoul (Pyoncheon, Jamsil and Bucheon) and Pyongtaek, and live maybe 30 minutes to and hour away via subway.

We met them at Suwon station and decided to visit Hwaseong Fortress. We were told we could take Bus 13, but not told which stop to get off at… so we breezed past the fortress and went up Mt. Gwangyo. We thought bus 13 was going to let us off at the South gate (Paldalmun -팔 달 문) but bus 13 actually lets off near the North Gate (Janganmun – 장 안 문).

So we drove up Mt. Gwangyo and low and behold – we found some of the Suwon toilets! Quinn and I have been trying to visit one of this toilets for a while and were dismayed to hear they no longer had a tour for them. But via bus 13 we drove past the Firefly toilet and ended up stopping (and using) the Hermit Toilet (apparently officially known as the Daeseulgi Toilet – 다 슬기 화 장 실)

And then we road back to Hwaseong Fortress. I’ll let pictures tell the rest of the story.

These snail thingies sure do make me want to use their mountain john.

Upon arrival, of course we had to take a group picture. Two people are missing (because we were taking pictures).

So beautiful!

Here's one of the beautiful turrets (and eventually I'll get its name) which Richard and John are exploring. Note the sign: I did not take off my shoes. Because although I teach English, I apparently cannot read it.

It's shaped like a dragon! We managed to get the last trolley of the day and I'm glad we did because it covered way more ground than we could on foot.

I'll have to go back when the weather gets warmer!