This morning I woke up, started my laundry and took a shower. I noticed the bunnies were not running around in their cage like they normally do. Because I don’t let them out when I’m showering, they were in there for maybe a half an hour before I checked on them. And to my sadness, I found that Snowball-Irene-Gerund-Watson had died during the night.

Sherlock is still doing fine, but Snowball is gone. Quinn and I aren’t sure what happened. Last night she was eating and drinking fine. She was friendly (I was even able to get her to come when I called her!). There was nothing out of the ordinary. But I think the problem was she wasn’t gaining enough weight. It seems like Quinn chose the runt of the litter and maybe she would have died anyway.

In honor of the late Snowball, here are some pictures of her:

She liked to lay on the heated floors.

And she loved to eat.

And she loved following Sherlock around.

RIP little bunny.