The past couple of weeks I’ve had to squeeze in studying Rosetta Stone between teaching. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of doing a lesson or two before going to work since after work there’s almost no point. I don’t get back to the apartment until 10:30pm at the earliest and by then I can’t focus enough to feel like I’m actually learning.

But it seems like I am learning! Last week I overheard my students telling one of the counselors saying that the classroom we were using that day (we couldn’t use my normal one that day) was too hot. I was going to (and should have) turn around and say in Korean that the room is too cold.

And today when I was riding the bus, I noticed I could read all of the station signs very easily and could find Suwon Station (수 원 역) and the Yeongtong Bus Terminal without needing the English. I’ve known Suwon Station for a while but being able to recognize the Bus Terminal and other stops just by looking at the signs and not necessarily needing to sort out all the letters is definitely nice.

But the funniest thing I’ve learn has been from Karen and her friend Annah when they came to visit us in Suwon. Karen and Annah have just started taking Korean classes in Seoul and they were telling us about their first class, which sounded pretty interesting. Rather than teach them hangul or something basic, the teacher taught them how to say ‘Kakae juseyo!’ (I think -가 개 주세 요), which apparently means ‘Give me a discount!’. And the teacher kept saying that you need to say it whinnier. A very useful phrase, but I haven’t yet had a chance to use it.