This blog entry will be duel purposed. Purpose 1: Discuss the Level-Up test. Purpose 2: Continue to log my interactions with the counselors.

This week (week 10 of the 13 week winter term) in my three listening classes, my students had to take their level up tests. That’s basically their final exam. Having finished proctoring my first three Level-Up tests, I’d like to break down how they seem to run.

15 minutesBriefly explain test and pass out answer keys (Scantron for Reading and Listening; writing paper for Writing and Speaking)

  • Have them fill in their information (name, address, home phone number, etc)
  • Tell them 10 different times they need to put BOTH their KOREAN and their ENGLISH names on all sheets
  • Tell them five different times they need to write in their home phone number and NOT  a cell phone number; if they don’t know their home number, leave it blank
  • Tell at least three different students, if they don’t know something, leave it blank
  • Explain to them the very important steps they MUST take to fill out the Scantron – pencil first, raise your hand so I can check it, then go back with their computer pens and fill in their answers

5 minutes – BREAK!

  • They must leave my classroom and walk around because the test is long and they aren’t allowed to leave or go to the bathroom.

45 minutes – Writing Section (pass out test booklets)

  • Tell them how to do the writing section, which runs as follows:
  1. Read the short passage
  2. Listen to lecture on CD
  3. On the answer sheet, first SUMMARIZE THE READING then explain HOW THAT RELATES TO THE LECTURE
  • Repeat writing section  instructions because inevitably they don’t get it, even though we do this in EVERY SINGLE LISTENING CLASS.
  • Repeat writing section instructions again for one or two students specifically.
  • Play the CD and continue to explain the section as the CD plays because, even though we do this in EVERY SINGLE LISTENING CLASS, they still don’t understand what to do.
  • Tell at least three students I don’t care what they write in, pencil and pen are both fine.
  • Tell at least one student not to go ahead in the test.
  • Tell at least one student not to write in the space for the speaking section, because that’s for me to use
  • Inevitably forget to give them their note-taking paper for the lecture but still pass it out just in time (because I have awesomely fast paper-passing-out-skills)

40 minutes – Reading Section

  • Tell them again, WRITE IN PENCIL FIRST when answering the Scantron
  • I grade the writing section while they work
  • Tell at least five different students to stop using their computer pens and answer in pencil.
  • Tell at least two of those same students to stop using their computer pens and answer in pencil
  • Rub it (nicely) in their faces when all five of those student inevitably make a mistake filling in the Scantron because they’re not doing it in pencil but still give them the correction tape.
  • Tell at least one kid he (it’s always a boy) filled the Scantron out incorrectly in pencil because he made huge X/check marks they go into the zone of the above/below answer (you know how Scantrons work…)
  • Count down the remaining minutes on the white board but inevitably mess it up a little because I’m doing a bunch of other more important stuff

35 minutes – Listening Section

  • Tell them again firmly that they MUST write in pencil first and too many people are making mistakes with the computer pen (at this point all but one of the students finally used the pencil first)
  • Count down the remaining minutes on the white board
  • Collected answer sheets and tell at least three more students AGAIN they need to have both their Korean and English names on it; collect the test booklets

5 minutes – BREAK!

45 minutes – Speaking Section

  • Explain how the Speaking Section works, which is as follows:
  1. Students go one my one to the room next door, where I will wait for them and give them the question they must answer. (We switch rooms so students going later can’t hear the answers from the ones who went before them and get ideas)
  2. Students have 15 seconds to brainstorm (so they should bring note-taking paper and a pencil) and then 45 seconds to speak (although I’m flexible with that time)
  3. Students MAY NOT talk during the Speaking Section while they’re still in my classroom. The other teacher from the room next door will be in my class and she’ll be watching them to make sure they don’t talk.
  • Inevitably, students don’t like the order I put them in to do the Speaking Section, but they have to just deal with it because my classes are maxed out in terms of size and I don’t have time to argue with them and put them in the order they want.
  • While they’re waiting, they can do the Word Search I gave them
  • I go over to Bethany or Jaemi’s room and proctor their students as my students come over one by one.

5 minutes – Tell them about their homework

  • And they play hangman with them (and I’m mean so I give them hard words, like vex and schizophrenia – Don’t think vex is a hard word to get in hangman? Oh, it is my friend. It is.)

Then I grade the Speaking Section and input the grades into the computer.

And that’s the Level-Up test. The basic information from that (schedule, no speaking rules, time left information, how to fill out the Scantrons) I have written up on the whiteboard for them. Which brings me to the next purpose.

One of the teachers, Alex (not the newbie Alex) decided to start his vacation today… which I don’t really get. Couldn’t he wait until not-today? Anyway, because our branch of Chung Dahm is split between the 3rd floor (where I am) and the 6th floor, they try to have all the teachers come down to the 3rd floor to do the Level-Up test. Which I also don’t get because 1. The students that are used to having their classes on the 6th floor and probably get confused by this and 2. Where are they getting these extra class rooms?!

Today, Kevin was proctoring Alex’s iBT class (a class dedicated entirely to studying for internet-based tests) but his classroom is on the 6th floor. He had been scheduled to teach the class in Alex’s room but of course that makes waaay too much sense. So for some reason, he was moved to my room. The iBT kids are coming into my class and since I wasn’t told about this I was sending them away to Alex’s room on the other side of the hall. Plus, I’m still working in my class room because I need to imput the grades and prepare for my Monday classes. Well, eventually a counselor comes in and sets up the computer for Kevin… without telling me what’s going on. Then Kevin comes in and explains what’s going on and that he was apparently JUST told about the classroom change (and doesn’t know why it was changed). Also, in case it’s not clear, all the testing logistics, like room changes, are handled by the counselors.

And I am left to hunt down a free computer to finish working on while wondering if I’m even going to vote for a counselor when at the end of the term we have to choose who the best teacher and best counselor is. However, I will say the CDI counselors are better than the April counselors, from what I’ve heard, but that might be for another post.

PS If you think, from looking at the bolded words, I get annoyed at my classes, I don’t (…usually…) but it does get bothersome having to repeat yourself after you literally just said what you’re repeating.