My up-coming schedule for the next three weeks has been altered because two teachers are finishing their year-long contract and another teacher is going on vacation. Which brings me to my two points (hmm, two points a post seems to be becoming theme here…).

Point #1: Because my year-long contract would end in December and thus prevent me from entering graduate school in 2010 (which had been my plan), right now I’m planning on extending my contract by seven months so I’d be ending in July instead. It turns out extending your contract is actually really easy to do because you can do it on a term-by-term basis instead of committing to a whole year, which would just put me back in the same situation I’m in now.

Point #2: Eventually I will have a week of vacation to take advantage of and I had wanted to go to Jeju island but I realized to late that the festival I wanted to see, the Fire Festival (들불축제), is during Lunar New Year (February 15) so it’s too late for me to go this year. But remember… I’ll probably be here next February to so I could go then.