About two weeks ago, the fact I have a rabbit came up in one of my classes (because Sherlock chewed a hole in the answer sheet to one of the exams I was giving). Most of my students were delighted to hear this. One student seemed particularly happy. She came to me during break and was asking me questions about my rabbit. Then she said that she had a rabbit. And her mom wouldn’t let her keep it anymore. And her mom was telling her she had to find someone else to take her rabbit. And my student seemed fairly upset about the whole matter.

So after class, I told her if she absolutely COULD NOT find someone else to take her rabbit, I could take care of it, knowing full well she probably wouldn’t find someone else to take care of her rabbit and would just tell her mom that her English reading teacher was willing to take the little rodent off their hands.

Yesterday, my student came back to me and asked if I could take her rabbit today because her family wouldn’t be traveling at the end of the week. And I said I could. So today, she brought the rabbit to my classroom (in a shoe box) and I ran it back to my apartment (leaving her in the shoe box) and planned to officially introduce her to Sherlock after my classes.

When I came back, I called Quinn in case he wanted to relive his Snowball days and it’s a good thing I did because… things did not go well. It started off fine, they were sniffing each other and Sherlock seemed okay with having another rabbit around… and then the chaos ensued.

It seems the problem is, as the Dog Whisperer might say, that Sherlock is a ‘insecure aggressive’ type who clearly wanted to assert her dominance over her new bunny buddy invader!, who is now called Watson (that’s right, Sherlock and Watson – Watson has a monocle!). And I was anticipating some aggression but Sherlock was trying to bite poor Watson in the eyes… yeah… not a good thing.

Quinn and I tried holding them down, introducing them to each other in unfamiliar territory (that’s what all the websites said to do!) and generally keep Sherlock in particular in check. They’ve calmed down but… Sherlock is not quite okay with this.

And I’m not quite okay with Watson. She is not litter trained at all. And her bunny droppings are quite large in comparison to Sherlock’s.

Well, we’ll see if time is enough to get them to live happily together. Otherwise we have a problem and Watson is going to live with Quinn (whether Quinn knows this or not).