Today I woke up at the early hour of 9 am so I could shower and then go back to sleep. Why did I wake up so early to shower, only to then go right back to sleep? So that my hair could be nice and dry for 11:30am of course!

At 11:30am, all the Yeongtong (Suwon) and Dongtan (Hwaseong) teachers, April and CDI, had to meet at the Yeongtong community center for a seminar, dressed in our best attire. So everyone was there at 11:30 (an easy two minute walk for me since the community center is on the other side of the park I live next to) and then we waited for about an hour. Don’t know why we had to be there so early, but we did.

After waiting, we lined up with April teachers in one line and CDI teachers in another and we walked like grown-up Madelines into the seminar room. Then we stood on the stage and bowed to the parents as our schools and programs were introduced. Then we stood a little longer while my listening class head instructor gave a speak about how our school is awesome and the parents should continue to send their children to Chung Dahm Learning. And then we left, side-by-side in two straight lines, back to the room we were waiting in before where we were given little bento box lunches.

And then we went home.

So basically we were at the seminar (which was for the parents, not for us) to just be eye candy. One of the teachers was telling me that they had seminars like these throughout the year but usually they only send one teacher to represent the school. I don’t know why they had all of us from both Yeongtong and Dongtan come out…

Also, next Monday we’re set to get two new teachers at CDI. Yay! I won’t be the newbie anymore.