Woooo. I’ve had a busy week and ideally I would have posted about some of the things that happened before now but, you know, I was busy. Bear with my while I go through the list of the up-dates.

1. Old Teachers Leaving!

This month, two teachers left CDI because their teaching contract were up. In the next month or two, there will be another teacher leaving, who also happens to be the head instructor for my reading classes. The first teacher who left worked in the classroom next to mine and I ended up taking over her Friday Birdie Listening class. I also took two of the posters she left behind. One was a motivation poster of an ORIGINALITY chimpanzee (which my students have brought up in discussions many, many times) and the other was a poster of Martin Luther King Jr. and his I Have a Dream speech.

2. New Teachers Arriving!

When a old teacher leaves, a new teacher has to arrive to fill the void. CDI had two new teachers arrive this past week, Derrika, who’s friends with one of the gals I trained with, and Jo(seph). April will also be getting a new teacher, Christopher, tomorrow even though they don’t have a teacher leaving. Hopefully the new teacher will be a good thing; from what I’ve heard, April sounds a little unstable and more teachers should inject a little stability into the classes. Derrika, Jo and Chris are kind of lucky to be coming in now as the term is ending because they get to start fresh instead of picking up other peoples classes like I did (not that I’m complaining. I had good classes this term).
3. End of Winter Term!

Last Friday was the last day of Winter Term 2009/2010. We ended up celebrating the end of term (and starting off the new term with over 1,000 students, woo-hoo!) and the departure of one of the teachers by going to dinner (paid for by CDI) and then noraebang. Always fun.

Overall it was a good term but there were several downs to balance out the many ups. I’ve picked up some tips and tricks from other teachers and I’ve made a list of things that I definitely WON’T be doing again next term (and looking at you Pizza Party. Not worth it.) Which brings me to…

4. Start of Spring Term!

I decided to set up a Prize Box for my kids. My rules for the prize box: if on Week 13, you have completed ALL homework, you can choose a prize from the Prize Box. Additionally, if anyone posts their Critical Thinking Projects on Cross Cafe (and I realized I haven’t explained about that yet…) then the one who posted the creative and well put together CTP will get to choose a prize. For some classes, I’ll likely give out several prizes for homework while others… will likely not earn any prizes.

And since HomePlus was having a sweeeeeet sale on classroom items, I went ahead and bought the prizes for the Prize Box:

Good prizes, yes? Hey, I'd do my homework to get some of this stuff.

Check out the Sgt. Frog/ Keroro Gunso set. They’re OIL PASTELS. FOR ₩1,000 (or less than $1). I’m tempted to go back to HomePlus and get some for myself.

As for the term itself… I was originally set to teach 10 classes (I started out with 8 this term and had 9 by the end) which I was a little dismayed about. But then it grew on me (and the higher paycheck was certainly nice) and I accepted it. Then they took away one of my classes… and another one of my classes… so now I’m back down to 8. Even though I was already prepared to teach 10 classes and had all the welcome packages printed out for the classes I’m no longer teaching… Ooooooooh weeeeeellll.

5. Holiday!

Tomorrow is a holiday. I mostly just added this so I remember to post about it tomorrow

6. Olympics!

I think partially because I was shielded by having to work but… I really didn’t hear very much about the Olympics. I saw some advertisements at HomePlus about Kim Yu-Na but… not much else. Although I played Olympic-themed hangman with my Friday class for our last day, with the word TORCH and the sentences YUNA KIM WON THE GOLD! and SHAUN WHITE IS AN AWESOME SNOW BOARDER! I was slightly surprised to see they knew a good amount about Shaun White. But when I asked them what he looked like, they couldn’t really tell me. So I drew a stick figure picture of him with his long red hair and one of my students gasps and yells out ‘He’s a boy?!’ As in, boy’s shouldn’t have long hair.

However, even if Korea didn’t seem to get into the Olympic spirit as much as I thought they might, it is fun talking about the Olympics with my co-workers. We hail from the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa.