Okay, so I haven’t posted in a while, because sadly I haven’t had internet for like… a month. And it’s all my fault. A couple of weeks ago I started getting a spotty internet connection, which was weird because all my cords and what not were hooked up… Until I realized one of the wires and IN FACT the most important cord, as in the cord that delivers magical life-giving internet to my modem, had been severed. And it took me three or four weeks to ask Mr. Park to fix it (magical, magical Mr. Park, who paid us today – wee!)

So a lot has gone on in the past week. One thing… kinda sucked. And by kinda… I mean really, REALLY sucked… but let me post that in a different post tomorrow.

Right now I’m going to veg out and watch some Daily Show. How I’ve missed my mindless TV.