Okay, so last weekend. Here goes the story:

On Saturday, I took my rabbits to Gangnam in Seoul  to get fixed at Dr. Pet Animal Hospital. I choose Dr. Pet because the location was convenient for me, the head vet, Dr. Choi, speaks English, I found tons of recommendations for the place on the web, they work with and foster animals for KARMA (Korean Animal Rights and Management Association), they’re open on weekends and don’t require appointments and, most importantly, they can actually operate on rabbits (the vet in Suwon cannot). As an added bonus, I’m told they can help you send your animals oversees when the time comes to leave. In the event that they can’t, I know of another vet in Itaewon that can.

Back to Saturday, I managed to convince Quinn to come along so I wouldn’t have to go alone, and it was probably a good idea I did. We arrived in Gangnam around 12:30pm. And we didn’t get to the vet until 4pm. Why, you might ask, did it take so ridiculously, freakin’ long to get to the vet?

Well first of all, we had the wrong directions. We thought the vet was at 3 Samdong Bldg. When we got to Gangnam, we couldn’t find the building right away so we popped into YBM, another English academy, and asked them to get us directions. Problem is… getting directions in Korea… sucks… they don’t use street names…

The secretary there printed us a map. And it took us THREE HOURS to find the place. We found the right area, a few blocks away from Gangnam station, but without street names we couldn’t find the building. Eventually we took a taxi… which went around the block  and took us to a building we had passed THREE TIMES. And it was very obviously the wrong building.

So we went to an internet cafe and got the correct directions (35-3 Samsungdong Building).  Then we took another taxi and got there in about ten minutes. Also, another failure in the directions I was given, I had been told to go to Gangnam Station, but the vet was closer to Seoullung Station.


At the vet,l, there were no dogs or cats to play with… (which is how I convinced Quinn to come along). You can sometimes play with Dr. Pet’s foster. Dr. Choi saw the rabbits pretty quickly and he told us Sherlock was a boy but Watson is a girl. Welp, that settled it – they were getting fixed.

Unfortunately it was too late for him to do the surgery that day so he said he would do it Sunday morning and I could pick them up on Sunday after 6pm.

And I will pause this story there and continue the Sunday story later.