Given that the Spring Term started March 1st, I think it’s about time I get around to posting about it. First of all, here’s my NEW schedule, courtesy of Microsoft Excel!


The whole My-Friday-Class-Doesn’t-Start-Until-7pm thing is a little annoying but that term things kept getting in the way of enjoying my early release anyway, like subbing for other classes. And so far this term, I’ve already covered two classes during my breaks so there you go. As long as I have Saturday off (at least four teachers now don’t have that luxury), I’m good.

Last term, I had two counselors for my eight classes. Now I have one counselor for all eight classes. Which I like a lot more. First all all… she’s a better counselor. She actually get’s me the things I need for classes and pays attention to the information I write down on the Daily Reports and has actually asked me for my feed back on classes.

However, another counselor… another go at my stupid heater issue. Today in class, my counselor randomly comes into class and starts speaking Korean and messes with the heater. Then one of my old counselors comes in and is talking to her and eventually my new counselor turns to me and says ‘It doesn’t work. The heater has no air.’ Um… I know. That you for interrupting my class to tell me that bit of information that I’ve known since I moved into this room, for informing me of this class room phenomenon that is the reason why I have a space heater in my room.

Sarcasm aside, she is a good counselor. It was a little… weird, however, that she randomly came into my room and did that… It’s not like the room was cold or anything.