Today, Quinn, Alex, Derrika and I met a bunch of the training gang in Dongdaemun for some discount shopping and later dinner in Itaewon. It was a weird, rainy day, so a pretty good day to be indoors shopping. I mainly wanted to get a new jacket so I don’t wear out the hoodie that I’ve been wearing. It’s served me surprisingly well in the cold winter months, but I want to give it a break.

Thanks partially to Derrika’s insistance that I need to indulge myself, I also got a few other things (although Quinn was NOT the barging help that I thought it would be or that he claimed to be! Fail, Quinn!). Anyway, for the most part I got pretty good deals on everything. My replacement hoodie was a really reasonable price.

Although a little morbid, we are all in agreement that Skull Hoodie was also cute, and in line with Korean style.

As an added bonus, there is a mouth in it's pocket! Time to find a red tie for a tongue...

One of the items that Quinn did NOT help with negotiating on... For some reason, Quinn and Alex were set on me buying this. But it will have to wait for Summer to be worn.

I got the jacket for a pretty good price, and some cheap shirts for mixing and matching.

After shopping, we all ended up going to Itaewon for dinner. I wish I were hungry since I ended up eating at this delicious Mexican place. Sadly, there’s nowhere to get Mexican food in Yeongtong… Following dinner, we had some hot chocolate and tea in Starbucks (neatly avoiding the loud American revelers out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day) and I decided to head home since it was getting late.

And its a good thing I did head home at that time, if not for me that for the guy I was sitting next to on the subway! Before I get into that story, let me just say my hunch was right. There ARE two subways that run on Line 1, one that goes to Incheon and another that follows a minute or two behind and goes to Sinchang or Cheonan.

Now back to the man, who was lucky I was on the subway! On the train to Cheonan, I happened to sit by this guy who was listening to an ipod or something. I too was listening to my ipod. BUT! Fortunately for the man, I had to pause my music occasionally to hear what stop was coming up because the electronic sign that normal tells the stops wasn’t working in my particular car.

Right around Guro (where Line 1 branches of to Incheon and Sinchang) I paused it so I could double-check I was absolutely on the right train (burn me once, shame on you, Seoul subway…). When I did, I heard a slight thunk and looked down to see the man’s cellphone had fallen out of his pocket. I figured he’d probably notice it, since he did sit on it. And since he was sitting on it. But he didn’t notice it and when he got up to leave about two stops from Suwon I saw he didn’t take his cellphone.

Now, I won’t say I’m necessarily prone to loosing things, but I have on occasion thought that something was securely stowed on my person only to find later that I am no longer securely carrying that thing.  So I wasn’t about to let this guy walk off with his cellphone. When I gave it back to him, he was very grateful and there was much bowing until he finally got off.

So ended my day. And with this blog, I start my Sunday.