I had to do something that turned out to be pretty hard on Sunday.  After thinking it over long and hard, I decided to give  Watson up for adoption. I really didn’t want to because she’s already changed homes once (plus I DID just get her spayed). But in the long run, once she’s finds someone else to love and take care of her she’ll be better of off and I’ll be better off. Without going into detail, her living in my apartment wasn’t working out and I don’t think she was living the best life because of it.

So right now, she’s living at Dr. Pet and I’m sure is very sad. That said, if you happen to live in Korea and are looking into getting a pet – please consider Watson! She’s a sweet rabbit and pretty smart. PLUS, she’s spayed so you don’t need to worry about any aggression/baby-making/health issues related to that.

Even if you don’t want to adopt Watson (or don’t live in Korea), please spread the word to those who might want to adopt her! Although I’m sure she’s getting love and attention at Dr. Pet, it’s not the best environment for her and the sooner she can move on to a permanent home, the better.