English + Korean = Konglish

English + German (or rather, Deutsch) = Denglisch

English + German + Korean = … Kongsch?

Yesterday and today I taught Eagle Reading (one class, I subbed for – yay extra cash for no extra prep work!) and two of the readings had reference to German in them. One reading, in fact (addition transition!), was entirely about Schadenfreude, or the feeling of pleasure one gets from the misfortune of others. And by the time we got to the reading that had a reference to the Autobahn, my Tuesday Eagle Reading class (for which I was a sub) guessed that I could speak German.

My class, however, did not. Because they are not as awesome as Nicole’s Tuesday IRE class (… *sigh*…) Although, today was one of their better classes. For my class, I wanted to play Avenue Q’s Schadenfreude but… I counldn’t cut it down to a length that was both illustrative and free of vulgarities… Oh Avenue Q. So I played this instead.

I’ve been encountering a lot of random German here. First of all (listing transition!), Quinn also speaks German so sometimes we’ll practice with each other. Second of all, there were at least two other people in our training group that spoke German (or some German). And there are random German signs here, mostly restaurants. Like the Garten Bier that’s across from the bridge I walk over to get to work. Oh Garten Bier… It’s supposed to be Biergarten…

Anyway, just thought I’d comment on that. And I’m reminded that… I’ve been ignoring my Korean studies again… But I did learn a new word today! Temple: sa, or in hangul:사. I might be visiting a (random) temple in Gangnam(강 남, by the way) this weekend followed and/or preempted by a trip to Butterfingers, which I keep hearing is a restaurant (also in Gangnam) that serves the best breakfast foods. Holy Buddhist French Toast, here I come!