I enjoy grading my Albatross Plus Listening class’s review tests for two reasons.

Reason One! They’re good students so for the most part, they get A’s and I don’t have to correct too much or sigh because they’ve made a really obvious mistake.

Reason Two! They tend to finish early and spend the rest of their time doodling on their tests. Doodles that make me smile. Here are some of their doodles:

Julia’s Pictures

The First Apperance of the Cute Face (3/11/10)

Return of the Cute Face (3/25/10)

April’s Picture

I love the explanation (3/25/10)

Harry’s Picture

Some good ol' pirate pics (3/11/10)

Unfortunately… I can’t remember who drew these pictures…

That's Korean food for you

I know how you feel Average Height Guy. I know how you feel. Also... what's up with the yellow slipper?

I’ve saved the best for last (sorry other students). David draws Monkey D. Luffy on every single review test, and he usually draws Roronoa Zoro too. I love it.

David’s Pictures

The first apperance (3/11/10)

A third appearance (I don't have a picture of the second...)

And today for their Critical Thinking Protect they had to draw propaganda posters to make certain taboos socially acceptable… AND I FORGOT MY CAMERA! How could I do that?! I should have known they would draw awesome pictures. And they did, but I cannot post them…