I sure wasn’t! Nope, no one pulled the wool over my eyes today (er, well yesterday as of the time this post will be put up). Okay, so one student kind of did. One of my students, Jennifer (who I “gave an F” to last week for liking another teacher’s class over mine) came in and told me she had moved. When I asked her if she meant she moved her house or just moved to the other side of the room, she said ‘April Fools!” I laughed.

Then I got REVENGE! No one tries to fool Teacher in April and gets away with it! I was racking my brain, trying to figure out a good April Fool’s for them that

neither A.) involved me taking away something like didn’t like they telling them they had to do it (like saying we were skipping the Review Test this week, only to inform them we would have to take it)

nor B.) was too elaborate or too hard to get through in the first few minutes of class.

So I ended up deciding to tell the students that they now had two pages of a Review Test to complete and only 5 minutes to complete it (as opposed to 1 page in 10 minutes). My ILP class believed it for about ten seconds before Jennifer yells out ‘Oh April Fool’s, Teacher!’ and everyone starts laughing. My ILA+ class, however, did not try to April Fool me so they were sitting there for minute going ‘WWWHHHHHYY?’. So I said to them ‘Because. Today is April Fool’s Day’. And they laughed heartily.

But because of my little April Fool’s trick, my ILP students were on there toes. For homework, they have to fill in the speech bubbles on a comic strip. Unfortunately because the pictures limit what they can say, everyone always brings in the SAME dialog, effectively, which is no fun because I like to choose two groups the next week to present their comic. SO THIS WEEK, I decided to give them a key phrase they have to include somewhere in the comic (preferably in a creative way). This weeks key phrase: moldy pancake. It came up in our lecture last week when we talked about hellbender salamanders and some students actually remember it. Unfortunately, they all thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Which it was not!

Teacher better have a classroom FULL of moldy pancakes next Thursday!