First of all, on Friday a bunch of the CDI and April teachers from Yeongtong and Dongtan got together to play Cranium and I’m glad I brought my camera because I came away with several hilarious videos of groups trying to guess words from very odd clues. Ahh, Cranium. But at the shingding, I met another teacher who reads (and commented previously) on my blog (Hi, Marilyn!), which was cool. And I just wanted to touch on the fact that I’ve been getting pretty steady numbers in the people who visit this blog (Thanks to WordPress’s dummy proof dashboard) and thank everyone for reading!

On to the Butterfingers: Last weekend, I had wanted to go to Butterfingers Pancakes, a delicious American-style brunch-stravaganza in Gangnam but I couldn’t, what with being sick and all. This Saturday, Quinn, Derrika and I ended up having an unintentional Easter brunch at Butterfingers with three of our training buddies, Karen, Richard and Latoya, and two other fellow teachers. Planning for the trip (and trying to figure out how to get there after past excersion into Gangnam… I’m talking about you March 6th!), I found this blog, which has some pretty great pictures of Butterfingers’ food.

I ended up splitting a ‘little bit of everything’ plate with Quinn, with him focusing on the pancakes and me devouring the French toast that I had been wanting for two weeks. DELICIOUS! Karen got an Eggs Benedict dish that looked fantastic and Derrika had an Egg McMuffin-style sandwich and it also looked fantastic. Sadly, I have to pictures of this… The pictures I do have are of the strawberry smoothie I got, which just happened to be the MOST DELICIOUS-SCRUMDIDILIUMPTIOUS strawberry smoothie I’ve EVER HAD and of teacher’s posing cool walls around our table.

Following this, most of us went to a boardgame cafe at Gangnam. This idea is genius and they need to have more. We basically paid $4 to sick in their cafe and play games. We were going to play a couple of games but ended up getting stuck on this endless game of Uno. It was epic. We had a 5-card pile up of +2 cards that finally stopped on Quinn, so he had to pick up 10 cards. And after getting Uno about three times and just as the hour we paid for was running up… I won! Woooooo-hoooooo. It was epic.

Then Quinn, Latoya, Derrika and I wandered over to the Coex aquarium, which is effectively a zoo-quarium because has way more than just fish. This aquarium was seriously awesome. AWESOME. It was actually Latoya’s first time going to an aquarium and I’m sure this one has probably spoiled her. Allow me to explain way, through pictures. The theme of these pictures: Things as Fishtanks!

Note the lantern at the right...


It's another fish tank!

Now, you'd think this is just another fish tank with a fancy shape, but you'd be wrong. This actually plays notes as the fish swim by sensors where the string are. O_O!

Quick, call Superman! There's a woman drowning a phone booth!