Yesterday, all the CDI teachers met up to talk about student withdrawals. This term coincides with middle school exams. I don’t know all the details about these but they take two weeks to end and a lot of students leave English privates schools because of them. Most come back afterwards but in the meantime, our student numbers drop.

In the meeting, we talked about the reasons for student withdrawals and what we can do to make classes more fun. The three big reasons: boring lesson topics, difficult lessons, classroom management. There’s nothing we can do about changing the lesson material. Unfortunately, there’s only so much that we can do about classroom management too, because it’s such a broad category of complaints that it also includes stuff us teachers have no control over.

The other thing that was brought up in the meeting was cancelled class. Some of the middle school classes in the up-coming weeks are cancelled because so many students won’t be attending. I have three cancelled classes over two weeks, which is actually the smallest number of cancelled classes for a teacher (Yay!). And because a teacher will be leaving tomorrow, I might be taking over one of this classes for two weeks so really I’m only loosing one class.

Two teachers had a ridiculous number of cancelled classes. I can’t remember the exact number but it’s over eight classes (which is a week of classes). It might be nice if they were all in one week so those teachers could have a nice week of vacation but I’m sure those classes are spread out over two or three weeks.

And that’s the business news in Suwon. Now for the leisure news.

About a week ago, one of my training buddies sent out a message to all of us training buddies who still hang-out regularly about a caving and ferrying ride trip put together by Adventure Korea. And after surfing around and looking at their other trips, I found a two day trip to the Hampyeong Butterfly Festival at the end of of April – which I was really excited about. I had already been planning on going but couldn’t figure out how so Adventure Korea has taken out pretty much any planning I need to do. I just need to pay for the trip (which I’ve done) and show up at the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul at 8am, which is early but that’s okay. I can sleep on the 2 hour bus ride to Hampyeong.

So now I have two trips in April and May to look forward to taking (and later blogging about, of course). The May trip I’m going on with the training gang but the April one it looks like I’ll be braving alone – or rather with the rest of the people who RSVPed who I don’t know – because I couldn’t convince anyone to go to the Butterfly Festival. Quinn and Derrika were excited about it, until they saw the itinerary involved 4 hours of hiking. Babies.