The past few days have been fairly eventful ones, which of course means I haven’t had the time to sit down and blog about them until now. Let’s start with Friday:

Friday saw the arrival of a new April teacher as well as the farewell of one of the CDI teachers and soon-to-be farewell of another April teacher. For me the farewell was a little sad because the CDI teacher that was leaving was the teacher that I observed – and basically based the teaching of my reading classes off of – and he was also my reading head instructor. He’s going back home to go to grad school in order to become a teacher, and I wish him luck.

Friday night, all the CDI and April teachers as well as staff and counselors went to a galbi restaurant for a company dinner – and the drinking promptly ensued. But in a social acceptable and controlled manner. Many of the other teachers (including the two leaving) have commented on the comradery at our branch; we may not all 100% get along, but its nice that everyone can hang out together sometimes and there is a very positive atmosphere for us to work in.

After dinner, we of course went out for noraebang. I ended up only staying for an hour because I wanted to get a good nights sleep so that I would be well rested for Saturday’s plans.

Now, the plan on Saturday was for me and Quinn to meet up with Derrika and one of her friends visiting from Japan, as well as two of our friends from training, at the Seoul Zoo. Unfortunately, people seem to keep forgetting that Quinn and I both have prepaid phones, which do eventually run out of minutes. Something strange happened with my phone this month and the minutes were cut-off prematurely. (I got a text at the beginning of the week that said my minutes would expire in a few days, only to find out when I tried to call someone that night that I had no minutes left – not sure what that’s all about.) And since I only found out about the zoo plans Friday night at dinner, I didn’t have time to charge my phone and went to Seoul with no minutes. I can still receive calls, but I cannot make any.

So the getting-in-touch-with-people business was up to Quinn and his phone. We got to the zoo at Seoul Grand Park and started looking around – it was an AMAZINGLY beautiful day. Perfect for a zoo trip. However, because people kept texting Quinn instead of call him, he ended up draining his minutes and he ran out of them in the middle of a call to Derrika. They had been trying to figure out when and where to meet up. So we didn’t meet up with Derrika. And we eventually got a call from our training friends saying they weren’t coming… Okay. But the zoo trip was awesome anyway. They have some very photogenic animals.

It looks so pensive

Go ahead. Shake his hand.

Tiger, Tiger, burning bright...

In the forest of the night

It's like a giant panda, but redder. And actually at the Seoul Zoo.

This grizzly was posing for so many pictures. Mostly because people were throwing hot dogs at it.

Before Quinn ran out of minutes, he played phone tag with one of our new April teachers, Vy, and we decided to try and meet up with her in Itaewon after the zoo. When the zoo started closing, we headed to Itaewon for tacos (despite some delcious meat-on-a-stick street food, we were starving). Taco Amigos in Itaewon. I highly recommend it. It’s right down the street from the subway station. After that we visited the international grocery store, where I was able to pick up some sour cream, which HomePlus, despite selling every other dairy product imaginable, does not carry.

On a side note, I bought a rice cooker a few weeks back. I had been dragging my feet about it because most of the models at HomePlus are in the ₩200,000 range. But then one came on sale for only ₩42,000 so I got it. And I’m glad I did because I’ve been steaming veggies and cooking rice like its no one’s business. And when a training buddy told me I could make baked potatoes in it, I was on top of that. Once I got some sour cream that is.

Now back to Itaewon. Following the grocery store, Quinn’s phone ran out of juice. Before we figured out when and where we were meeting Vy… Soooo… We went back to Suwon.

Sunday was mostly a day for cleaning (so many loads of laundry!) and prepping for next week’s classes. Having all the lessons ready to go before the week makes my weekdays so much easier and it’s way worth loosing an hour or two on the weekend to get them out of the way. But I did convince Quinn to help me take Sherlock for a walk. I had tried to get her into a leash before but it was really difficult with just me. With help, it look about 30 seconds. And she actually really enjoyed the walk. Sure, it may look ridiculous walking a rabbit the size of a grapefruit through the park but she deserves to get fresh air too.