May 5th is Children’s Day and since it fell on a Wednesday here in Korea and only April was closed, it was also a work day for me. Apparently, the holiday used to be celebrated on May 1st, which would have meant celebrating it last Saturday, so no days off for anyone.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, a perfect day for getting the day off.  I saw  a lot of kids picnicing in the park with their family. My Bridge Reading class that always gives me trouble was cut in half today. I would assume because of Children’s Day and they were probably off doing something far more fun than studying English. But the class was that much easier to teach yesterday.

After my classes, I had to stop buy HomePlus and while I was there, I had my headphones on so I couldn’t really hear anything. Then there was a lull in the music and I realized I heard a child crying. Now, I had yet to hear a child crying in a  store so I assumed it was part of some weird advertisement over the loudspeakers. But as I got closer to the front of the store, the crying was getting louder. Which is when I saw a little kid screaming in a shopping cart. And I was just thinking ‘Child, you are Korean! No screaming in department stores! Even if today is Children’s Day.’ After more than four months being here, that was the first time I heard a kid screaming and carrying on in a store.