So the past few days have been an adventure – but in a good way. However, they’ve been so much of an adventure that I think I need to break them down into separate posts. Ideally I would have been posting all this before, but I was too busy adventuring.

Last Friday (as in the day before Teacher’s Day) was a little rough.  But luckily only a little. I subbed for another teacher, covering a class that I’ve covered two other times so I knew the students. They were a little rowdy and it’s always a little tougher teaching a class you haven’t actually prepped (especially a Listening class like I was covering because you have to read the other teacher’s notes) but overall it was a good class. My actual class at 7pm, however, was… eh. And I understand. They’re tired. They been taking exams at school and at CDI. The lessons are tough sometimes. But understanding doesn’t make it any easier for me to get answers out of them.

However, one shining light of great happiness on Friday was the card I got. Because Teacher’s Day was on Saturday, I got a card from one of my students. Teacher’s Day is as it sounds, but I’ll explain it anyway – students give there teachers things like flowers and Pepero (Mmmm it’s just like Pocky) and letters thanking them for being their teacher. And I got my letter. It was on the back of a Kim Yun-a postcard, which I found funny for not particular reason. Note to Self: Take a picture of the letter and post it here. Right now it’s hanging up in my classroom – to make the students to didn’t right me a letter feel GUILTY!

And that was Friday.

On Saturday, I celebrated Teacher’s Day by doing two things:

Thing One: I judged the Speech Contest.

Okay, let me backtrack. The previous week, I was supposed to submit the names for students who I thought should participate in ChungDahm’s Speech Contest, which all the levels do. This week’s speech theme was ‘I have a Dream’ (and one student asked me if he could present Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech, which is hanging up in my classroom) and they have to write about themselves and said dream. For the most part students are not terribly enthused about it.

I volunteered to be one of the judges for the Speech Contests.  I figured, if I’m making them write and present, the least I can do is be there to judge them. HARSHLY. Oh yeah, and be supportive. However, I ended up judging the E-Chip and Memory speeches with Bethany instead of the students in Interactive speeches, where my students were. The EC/ME speeches were super quick. I was in by 2:00pm and out by 2:30pm. And a lot of the speeches were really cute – not necessarily grammatically correct, but cute.

One kid, though, was FANTASTIC. He talked about his dream of being a basketball player and he actually acted out basketball as he was explaining how to play it and how to be the best. He was one of the few students to actually use actions, and the only student that both Bethany and I rated as 10 out of 10. And he’s probably going to win the contest.

After being judgemental, I went to meet up with Derrika, Quinn and Vy (a relatively new April teacher) in Itaewon. We had some delicious Arabic food before wandering over to Jonggak to see the Lotus Lantern Festival parade. Or at least a sampling of the Lotus Lantern Festival parade. The real parade would be on Sunday but they had a few performances and we got to see some of the floats. It was so late, most of the images didn’t really come out on the camera but enjoy what managed to be captured.

I'm pretty sure these are real lanterns. Or rather, I hope they are.

Wish him a happy birthday!