Clearly I’m behind with my posts. For now, let me just catch up by introducing my summer term schedule. It is as follows:

So much teaching!

On Monday, I split two Memory Tera classes with other teachers. On Tuesday, in addition to teaching Albatross reading, I also teach Day 1 of my Memory Tera class. Day 2 is on Thursday. Wednesday is my Memory Giga and Albatross reading day. On Thursday, I also teach Masters reading. Day 2 of Memory Giga is on Friday.

This is my first term teaching Memory. It’s grown on me in the past 5 weeks but… I still prefer the upper levels. This is also my first term teaching Masters, which is the level above Albatross+.

Masters is pretty fun to prep, since we read actual books in the class but the class has been… less than thrilling. But mostly because it keeps getting cancelled due to middle school exams. But this/next week should return things to normal.

This term’s Masters class is about “social animals” so we’re reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Empire of the Ants, Life of Pi and Watership Downs. None of which I have read before. We’re halfway through Empire of the Ants right now, and it’s pretty interesting. Rats of NIMH was good too and hopefully the last two won’t be disappointing.