Thursday (July 22) marked the second day (or first, for me) of Summer Intensive Classes. What are summer intensive classes, you might ask? Extra classes for students to take from 10am to 1pm while they’re on summer break. What could be more fun! YAY!

I don’t know about other classes but mine actually is (or going to be) fairly fun. I’m teaching the newspaper workshop class, where the kids get to write their own newspaper articles and as a final project we make a newspaper. I’m teaching the highest level newspaper workshop so my kids are pretty skilled and we can talk about stuff that’s really in the news. Thursday we talked about the BP oil spill and the Cheonan sinking.

My class is small, 9 students, and most of them I’ve taught before (… it’s funny that I’ve been here long enough that I can say that now…). Also, this is the first time the class has been taught and it’s not a 100% official ChungDahm course which means… We get to design the class ourselves! Yay!

Actually that yay was not in sarcasm. It’s extra work; I have to spend my free period on Friday (7-10pm) designing the upcoming classes. But it’s fun. We get to plan the topics we’ll talk about and the articles we’ll use. There’s a lot more control, which is something that sometimes gets lost in the other classes.

Thursday’s class was pretty good, although the students were younger than we anticipated – so future classes are going to have to push the ‘fun factor’, as it were. Here are some highlights of the class:

Student-written World Cup article headline (aka How it should have ended):

Spain tragically FAILS in World Cup Finale:

South Korea murders Torres

Quotes of sarcasm in a student-written article on the Cheonan:

[North Korea denies involvement in the attack]. They say it was a “rock” [that Cheonan hit ].

PS I have a post for MudFest in the draft stage, but it’s taking me a while to finishing writing it. It should be up by this weekend.