Because I haven’t posted in forever, thanks to my efforts to be a good intensive teacher while maintaining my social life taking up all my time, I’m going to now play catch up. The week following MudFest was an interesting one. From August 24th to July 31st, the April teachers had their vacation, which for me meant going the longest period of time here (9 days) yet without any interaction with Quinn (in case you haven’t noticed, he’s in basically all my posts). But it was for the better because I was super-busy that week.

However, the weekend was all mine. Here in Korea, it seems I’m slowly crossing things off the list of stuff I should do before I die – a list I didn’t realize I had. Most notably, I bungee jumped for the first time. There are other things, but bungee jumping kind of blows the others (mostly food related anyway) out of the water. Well, th 25th was an opportunity to me to cross off another thing.

I went with one of my co-workers, Kevin, and his girlfriend, to Jamsil station. Which, despite having been there before, I didn’t realize was also a mall and where LotteWorld is. Lotte is, according to Wikipedia, an East Asian conglomerate. And in Jamsil station, they happen to have an amusement park of sorts. I didn’t go into the amusement park (yet) but it looked interesting. More on that once I actually go there.

In addition to the amusement park, there’s also an ice rink, many food options, and perhaps most randomly, a shooting range. That was our destination this day. Kevin and his girlfriend had been before. Me. Never shot a gun before.

I chose a Smith & Wesson revolver (I can’t remember anything more specific than that), figuring it would be a simple and classic choice to start off with. I did pretty well. All my bullets ended up on the target and I scored a 68. Although I have to say I am definitely not a gun person. At least, not a shooting-guns-in-a-enclosed-space-so-they’re-extra-loud-and-I-ended-up-jumping-at-every-shot person. Maybe I’d do better shooting out in the open.