Week 9 and 10 could not be coming fast enough. As the weeks roll on, teachers become increasingly jaded with their students. No matter how good your classes are, eventually all the work starts to catch up. Luckily, I’ve been pretty good at staving off any kind of negative feelings towards teaching, but other teachers are very noticeably looking forward to the next few weeks when our work loads decrease, because now is when the students start getting ready for the level-up tests.  And in one short month, we get to start all over with fresh classes and fresh students.

And teachers aren’t the only ones that start to get a little unenthusiastic about classes. You see it in the students too. Last week,  a college student from Ewha Women’s University came to speak to our students as a way to motivated them to keep studying (and I would assume fulfill some kind of college credit thing). My Friday ILA+ was assigned to attend during the Critical Thinking Project (when they get into groups and work on a project and short presentation together) time, which was a little disappointing because that’s the most fun part of class. It took up 30 mins so I didn’t have enough time to realistically do a proper CTP with them.

Instead, I prepared a MadLib for them. I forgot to save the powerpoint of it that they filled in. Such a shame because it turned out hilarious. I basically put holes into a recipe for baking a cake. The best madlib came when one of the students, who’s obsessed with Britney Spears, created the direction “Put all ingredients into a Britney Spears and place into the oven. Cook at 350 degrees celsius”. The class hysterical and I’m sure his screams of “Teacher, you killed Britney Spears!” could be heard far and wide.

After I showed them how to do a MadLib with mine, they worked on their own. The lesson we were working on was about glocalization, so I had them write ones on the history of a product. There are only 6 students in the class, so two groups of three came up with two funny MadLibs.

MadLib #1: The History of Cheese

Cheese was made by King Sejong using Hoontin Junggum (???) and Jang Yeong-Sil. They liked cheesy things. Junghoon (a student in the class) was the first person to eat it and vomit. He or she started to invent and spread it to North America. It cost $7777 per ton. To make this, mix, stupid Geojungi with milk and butter. Cheese is broken!

They really liked this one. Unfortunately, there’s a little too much Korean culture here for me to really appreciate it.

MadLib #2: The History of Dirty Chocolate

Chocolate was discovered in Atlantis by Michelle Obama. When it was discovered, she murdered. It was such a cheesy discovery because people mixed it. This fluffy chocolate was used as Michael Jackson. We also gave it to aliens. Because idiotic chocolate was discovered, we are now living in a crazy world.

Cheese was clearly a theme in this class that day. Not sure why…