A lot of people here (myself included) were surprised by how much Korea seems to celebrate Halloween. Now, I’ll have to wait until Sunday to see if they ACTUALLY celebrate Halloween… although I don’t know how I’ll know since I live in a teacher/college student neighborhood and not a family neighborhood and thus probably won’t get trick-or-treaters. I know the bars around here (for which Suwon is known) are celebrating Halloween.

CDI Yeongtong decided to use the CTP time to have the elementary students make Halloween bags and we gave the students candy. We did not plan on doing it with the middle schoolers, since most of them were likely to not get behind it. But I asked my middle school class if they wanted to make bags today, because I had left-over bags from 4pm. And as it turned out, they were very enthusiastic about wanting to make them. But these middle schoolers (two of them are actually elementary schoolers) are not your average middle school group. They were the ones I did MadLibs with last week.

So we made bags. And with the remaining time, I had them write Halloween poems/song and we made more MadLibs. Here’s a sampling of what they wrote:

Hey! It’s

August 31st! Oh, it’s October 31st!


Lollipops you get,

Or being a

Witch! (If you’re a girl)

Eh? It’s over?

Eh? I have to wait 1 year again?


And now the MadLibs. Because our lesson today was about ecotourism, I told them to write ecotourism and Halloween-themed ones.

Halloween Camp

On Halloween, Jake was going to camp in Europe. He got a woman from Hell-shaped bag, jack-o-lantern-flavored chocolate and $4444. He took an eco-friendly jet to Europe. For the rest of camp, he took an eco-friendly car. He vanished in England. He met Ten (a student in class) in France.

Note: I don’t know how the jet was eco-friendly or how Jake met Ten after vanishing, but I guess that’s why it’s a MadLib.

(No name)

Jack-o-lantern was a stinky mad scientist who used methane gas to cook spaghetti. One day, he wanted to save the planet so he made a team of firefighters and flew to an abandoned hut riding a shoe quickly. They became business men there. They lived rapidly every after.

Note: Business men was supposed to be a “clean” (read: eco-friendly) job.

Trick or Suicide!

A crazy bat named We wanted to escape the cave. He came out and dug to the toilet. There were many mummies living in the toilet. The bat ate the mummies’ blood. His stomach was so dirty. The blood of the mummies was so delicious because it was an eco-punky place. However, he vomited and finally head locked.

Note: Not sure what he meant by punky… Unless he’s a Punky Brewster fan…

(No Name)

It was 2030.4.4. A vampire named Alisa ate Chung Yak-Yong. The vampire was chased by police. The vampire said “Witch!” and the police cars screamed. The vampire rode on a bike and had an accident and died. 99,765 years later, the vampire became a zombie and ate King Sejong. The zombie was crazy. He ran around everywhere he wanted to. Finally he was hit by a pumpkin and exploded.

Note: The last word, pumpkin, ended up being pretty funny because the student only asked for a generic noun but earlier in the class we had been talking about hunting animals with weapons other than guns and one student had suggested ‘watermelon’. If only he had said pumpkin…

(No Name)

There was  a vampire who wanted to suicide the earth’s environment. He came to the earth and did many things. He told people to use cats. He made a dog about saving the environment. He shouted in Jupiter’s red spot to people to make a cheesy environment. Afterwards, he flew. He went back to Andromeda.

Note: The students bring up suicide quite a bit. It’s a little disturbing… And not in a Halloween sort of way.

And now, in honor of next month being NaNoWriMo, and since I’ve been sharing my students creative works, I’ll share some of mine. The past week my students were taking practice tests in reading classes, during which I have very little to do. So, while proctoring them, I came up with some limericks. Here are my two favorites:

The Power of Grapes!

In the morning I rise from my bed,

And pour grape juice all over my head.

It’s not strange, you see,

‘Cuz if you were me,

You’d know grapes fill my head lice with dread!

Note: That one came to me way to easily.


Through the wall I hear voices so clear-

Ly. I look but find no one is near

Me. Senses don’t a-

Gree. Truth’s my ene-

My. Because there’s no sane person here.


Note: This one was inspired by being able to here another teacher’s voice through our shared wall, teaching a class while my students were silent, taking their test.