Last Thursday (Pepero Day) my dad came to visit. He’ll be staying until November 22. However, he does  not have his own blog so it’ll be up to me to record his adventures in Korea. But not in Korean. He still doesn’t see how anyone can read Hangul.

Because of work, I didn’t really have an opportunity to do anything with him until this Saturday. UNFORTUNATELY, even today we had to wait to go do some tourist stuff because at 11am I had to go to work for the last round of this term’s Speech Contest. Which was fun but, in my opinion,  the wrong students won. So sad… But I can’t complain since I didn’t volunteer to be the judge.

But one of the questions that students could write a speech about was ‘What is the best tourist attraction in South Korea?’. Three of the speeches, including the one that won, were about Hwaseong Fortress. How appropos because…

For today’s tourist stuff, I took my dad and Marty to Hwaseong Fortress. You can take lapdogs on the bus and subway as long as they have a leash and Marty was very well behaved on the rides. It’s no longer time for the gardens to be in bloom at the fortress, which is a shame and I realized today that I’ve never seen the gardens there in bloom. But at least the weather was exceptionally nice.

Marty couldn’t go into the main compound and since I’ve already been in that area I waited outside while Dad looked around. There was some kind of photography exhibit with framed photos of the fortress and other natural areas on easels. And there were some professional photographers there who enjoyed taking pictures of Marty. He was very popular today. At one point these two teenage girls came up to me and asked if they could take a picture with me and him.

After Dad was finished with the main compound, we hiked up the mountain and walked around about 1/4 of the fortress wall. It’s supposed to take 2-3 hours to hike the whole thing and we were too hungry to do the whole thing. And sadly the Dragon Trolley that I took before was sold out.

Eventually, I’ll have pictures from the trip here. But we used my dad’s camera, not mine and he needs to recharge the batteries.