Although I briefly thought about introducing Dad to Seoul today, I though it might be better to spend another day in Suwon. It is the city I live in after all. I’ve always wanted to visit Mt. Gwangyo (광교산 – Gwangyosan)and the Gwangyo reservoir ever since I accidentally went up there after not getting off at the correct stop to start my first tour of  Hwaseong Fortress, back in the day with the training group. Mostly I wanted to visit the second Suwon toliet I had seen: the Firefly (반딧불이Bandibuli) toilet.

So today, I took Dad and Marty there for a leisurely stroll around the lake. Again, pictures will follow after I get them off Dad’s camera. It’s a nice area. There’s a 4.7 (ish) km path around the reservoir, plus many other paths you can hike up the mountain, which is billed as something along of the lines of ‘Suwon’s premier mountain’ (I have to find my tourist map that touts it). It’s considered the Guardian Mountain. There were quite a few people out and about on the mountain and it’s no surprise since a.) the weather was beautiful and b.) Koreans and mountain hiking go together like peanut butter and jelly. As far as the toilet went: it was nice but the Hermit Toilet was better.

Suwon stream (수원천 – Suwoncheon) comes out of the reservoir and we walked along that to. There’s a mini-garden area that runs along it, kind of like Cheongyecheon (청계천) in Seoul but more modest. It’s a nice walk though. Very peaceful and not something that I’ll be wanting to do once there’s snow and ice on the ground.

But next weekend, it’ll be all about Seoul.