Last weekend, my dad and I went into Seoul. I had planned to get almost everything done on Saturday and when we could have Sunday to finish anything we missed and then just go around Seoul casually. We managed to get a lot done, especially on Saturday. Breakfast at Butterfingers, the Coex Aquarium, Itaewon and Tartine (Mmmm), Jongno and Insadong, Gyeongbok Palace and a trip to Namsan Tower’s observatory.

Since I’ve now been to two of the Palaces, I have to say, Gyeongbok was more impressive. BUT Changdeok  Palace’s garden are definitely worth a trip. It’s just that Gyeongbok’s grounds are pretty massive. And when you’re walking around inside you can’t here the surrounding area at all (which is true about Changdeok as well). That’s something I’ve noticed about the different palaces and temples around Seoul. When you’re on their grounds, it’s very peaceful. You can’t hear the surrounding area. I don’t know if that’s just because the grounds are large and walled in or if that was intentionally designed, but it’s funny to only hear birds and footstep and then you look up to see skyscrapers not car off.

Moving on, this past Thursday was Thanksgiving. Because that didn’t change our schedules at all, I had completely forgotten about until I remembered that the Yeongtong and Dongtan Faculty Managers were hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. They bought a bunch of American amenities, like mac ‘n cheese and turkey, on a base. And someone brought banana pudding pies. Mmmmm.

Marty had a good Thanksgiving too. I brought him along since the FMs have dogs. Another co-worker from Dongtan brought his dog as well. So Marty got lots of attention from people and he got to socialize with other dogs.