So after managing only one post per month in both December and January, I’m going to ease myself gently back into blogging. Although honestly, with the exception of a visit from a certain awesome English teacher in Japan, January was mostly uneventful. It was really cold and I was teaching an extra nine hours a week for Winter Intensives. Which I’ll get around to blogging about eventually. Despite all the extra work (and boy howdy, it was A. LOT. OF. EXTRA. WORK.), I really enjoy the class I taught – NIE3, the same one I taught for Summer Intensives.

Anyway, the other thing I did this January was foster for a short time a schnauzer named Lucy. She’s also a rescue from the Asan shelter and fostering her kind of fell into my lap. The woman who was going to foster her has cats and Lucy turned out to be aggressive towards them (at least at the time; no aggression since) and one of my co-workers wanted to foster and maybe adopt a schnauzer. So I took her for two weeks until he was able to take her in.

Lucy takes her staring very seriously. You will pet her.

While I don’t know Lucy’s whole story, I’m fairly sure she was a street dog before she was a shelter dog. But for being both of those things, she was surprisingly affectionate, well-behaved and obedient. What more could a foster ask for? She caused me (almost) no trouble. Aside from going through my trash when I was at work.

Marty was indifferent towards her.

One interesting side effect of having Lucy here for a few weeks is that it’s finally clicked for Marty that I’m 100% boss. Before he had been having issues with obedience on occasions when his stubborn Yorkie instincts wanted him to, say, run away on his short little legs in the park even though I can catch up to him just by walking briskly. (On a side note, I’ve also realized Marty is not a Yorkshire terrier, but a Maltese Yorkie cross. A morkie if you will. Or a Yorktese but… that sounds gross.)

So I decided to take my new found, not-working-an-extra-9-hours-a-week time to train Marty in playtime skills because, being a shelter dog, he is horrible at playing. Today, I was teaching him how to play hide and seek with a ball and he impressed me. I pretended to hide the ball in three different places while he stayed on the other side of the apartment (something he put up a fight about doing pre-Lucy), putting it in the middle place and making noise etc. so he couldn’t figure out by watching where I hid it. And he went to exactly the right spot as soon as I told him to go. And then he walked right past the ball because he’s blind in one eye and couldn’t see it in the darkness. But eventually he got the toy, because Marty is handicapable.

Coming soon: More serious blog entries on Korea and/or work related things.