It’s time to play catch-up with my blog posts and I find myself in a good opportunity to do that… because I’ve been locked out of my apartment.

This term, four teachers are leaving. Unfortunately for them, they were told they needed to be out of their apartments by 1pm on Saturday when in reality they needed to be out on Friday so their apartments could be speed cleaned and the new teachers who were coming in could move into their places. Which meant lots of last minute scrambling. Kevin is one of the teachers leaving and he asked me to keep his dog, Maika, yesterday and over night so she didn’t get freaked out by the cleaners.

Today, I had to go into work at 11am to train the new teachers and since Kevin was in the middle of moving his stuff, I let him borrow my key so he could pick Maika  up when he finished. Which is how I got locked out of my apartment. Because he came to pick up the last of his things at work… and did not leave my key behind. Sadly, my only remaining spare key has somehow gotten warped and no longer works.

But now I’m 100% ready for the next term, which is going to be interesting. On the one hand, I’m teaching 27 hours but only three different class. Also, I’ve already taught 2 of them, so only one class to prep (as opposed to this term, which some weeks I had to prep up to 6 lessons per week). On the other hand, with Kevin and Ruth – who were  the Listening and Memory  Head Instructors respectively – gone, that has left only two HIs to head instruct the programs.  Next term, I’ll be the one watching the CCTVs for both reading and listening classes. Yay?

On the bright side, waaaaaaay fewer meetings this term. Honestly, that was more time consuming that the CCTV watching anyway so I don’t mind taking on the duties of another program.

Anyway, here’s my schedule for this term:

CDI has a lot of new changes this term (which is another thing that will make this term interesting) and one of them is that Bridge classes are merged. Basically that means instead of one teacher teaching the reading class and one teacher teaching the listening class, the students will have the same teacher in their reading and listening class. Which, honestly, I think is a great idea for Bridge students. It’s a hard level for them so having that consistency is helpful. Also, this term I teach all the Albatross+ students for reading and listening so those classes should have a certain amount of consistency too.