Today at work, our boss bought us chicken (I believe because it was her birthday). So I didn’t really need dinner today but I still wanted a snack to tide me over until tomorrow’s breakfast. Naturally, I stopped by Paris Baguette as it was closing. For some reason (probably because P-Bag is delicious) it was fairly crowded. I picked up some cookies and this scrumptious-looking strawberry tart thingy (and it was scrumptious) and went to pay with my debit card… Only to realize it was past midnight and therefore in the middle of the 15 minute freeze on debit cards that happens every midnight.

Oh Korea.

I had no cash on me to buy the delicious snacks. Which was unfortunate because I had been poking them with bare hands, wondering about their tastiness. I tried scrounging around for money to no avail. Then the man told me with a smile (like this happens a lot) that I could pay him tomorrow.

At first I thought “Does he recognize me? Do I come to P-Bag this much?” Then I thought “This South Korean culture is a trusting one.” I don’t want to be cynical and say this wouldn’t happen in the USA, but it wouldn’t have happened in a chain store like P-Bag.

Also, that reminds me of how since the weather has been getting nicer(ish), I’ve noticed that there are a lot of kids running around without *gasp* ADULT SUPERVISION. Even the slightest sliver of adult supervision. Basically, they get out of school and then they run around Suwon, ride the buses, go shopping, play etc. etc. But then, I think that has more to do with city culture and not so much Korean culture.

Back to Paris Baguette! Now, I could be a horrible person and not go back tomorrow to pay him the ₩5 I owe. But that would be wrong and I have every intention of going back and paying him.

*Editing: And, for the curious reader, I did go back and pay him. The man was there, recognized me and happily took my ₩5,000.